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1. Dean has 3 titanium plates and 12 screws with wire mesh in his face after reconstructive surgery following a water skiing accident.

2. Dean was in his first band at 14 called Roadrunner. He played guitar and sang (not so well according to Dean.)

3. Dean took piano lessons when he was a little boy and his first instrument was a 25 dollar ukelele!

4. Dean's scariest moment was when he and his young friends detonated a Molotov cocktail in the woods in August and panicked, having to put out small fires in order to stop the forest from burning!

5. Dean has worn long johns on every video shoot except "Roll That Barrel Out" due to unseasonal weather wherever he seems to shoot! Watch all of Dean's videos including the latest 'Bounty' on his Youtube Channel here.

6. Deans brother is an RCMP officer and Dean was a Beaver and a cub scout. You don't mess with these guys! You might really hurt your hand if you hit Deans face, really.. encourage your friends to enter to find out why!

7. Dean had his ear pierced for 4 hours when he was 18 until his friends all made fun of him so he took out the stud and let it close over.

8. The tattoo on Dean's arm says "La Violencia del Amor – Oscar Romero" spanish for "the violence of love"

9. Dean had his mouth washed out with soap when he was 5 for saying the F word!

10. Dean's first trip to the principal's office (Mr. Wall) was grade 1! He was accused of vandalism (innocent bystander according to Dean)

11. Dean was on the Mount Baker highschool track and field team? It's True! They went to the provincial finals where Dean ran the 4 x 100 relay. Dean wore some orange silky short shorts :)

Cool 100 Belleville
Country 95.5 Lethbridge
KICX 91.7 Sudbury
Country 100.7 Penticton
Country 100 Moose Jaw
Country 103 Kamloops
KG 95.5 Red Deer
KHJ Fredericton
Country 105 Peterborough
KX96 Oshawa
KX94.7  Hamilton
93.7 JRfm Vancouver
Country 101 Ottawa
Country 105 Calgary
CISN Country 103.9 Edmonton
QX104 Winnipeg
BX93 London
Country 106.7 Kitchener
FX101.9 Halifax
95.9 CJWF Windsor
The Bull 92.9 Saskatoon
620 CKRM Regina
Big Dog 92.7 Regina
KICX 106 Barrie
Country 93.5 Kingston
Country 94 Saint John
XL96 Moncton

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